Grass grown in the Vale of York with all of the freshness and goodness sealed in
100% natural dried grass and specially conditioned soft straw - highly nutritious, palatable and free-flowing forage
Graze-on pellets
100% natural, homegrown grass with important nutrients, fresh green colour and aroma locked in
Drastically reduces time and cost of mucking out - super absorbent, biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Northern Crop Driers - producers of the Graze-On range of grass-based forage feeds for horses and the highly absorbent bedding Megazorb.

Established in 1975 at the family farm in Yorkshire, Northern Crop Driers are one of the leading manufacturers of dried grass horse feeds.

Our Graze-On product is made from 100% natural, home grown grass and is rich in digestible fibre.  Produced with a feed value that is virtually identical to fresh grass, it’s the feed your horse would choose, as nature intended.

All of our products are available to purchase through a nationwide network of wholesalers and retailers.

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