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There is no better feed for horses than the natural goodness of grass, but as the temperature falls and winter pastures become less nutritious why not try the next best thing?

The Graze-On range is manufactured from 100% natural home grown grass that is flash dried to lock in essential nutrients, colour and aroma.

With a feed value virtually identical to that of high quality fresh grass the Graze-On range provides an excellent source of digestible fibre to keep horses in great condition and maintain healthy digestion.


Reduce your bedding costs and save time with Megazorb

In the current financial climate it has never been more important to find ways of reducing the costs associated with horse ownership.

Megazorb could be one solution.  Its amazing absorption capacity means that once the initial bed is down very little bedding is required for the upkeep.

By simply removing the very wet patches and topping up the bed as and when required costs are dramatically reduced.  Not only that but the time taken to muck out and the amount of waste for disposal is greatly reduced.

Why not give Megazorb a try and see if you can save time and money on your bedding costs this year?  For details of your nearest Megazorb stockist, please view our stockists page.