About Northern Crop Driers Production

Good Nutrition Naturally

Northern Crop Driers was founded in 1975 at the family farm in the Vale of York. Set in over 750 acres of prime quality grassland, we specialise in producing high quality grass based equine feeds and bedding.

Recently there has been a desire in the equine market to return to a more natural feeding regime and our GRAZE-ON range of products certainly fits the bill.

A horse’s natural diet is grass and the fibre it provides is their most important source of energy. By growing a unique blend of grasses and harvesting at the optimum time, typically five times per year, we produce a superior forage product that is rich in digestible fibre.

Here’s how we do it.

GRAZE-ON & GRAZE-ON Grass Pellets

  • Grass harvested from our fields is flash dried within 24 hours of cutting
  • The drying process removes moisture and locks in the important nutrients, colour and aroma of fresh grass
  • The resulting feed value of the dried grass is virtually identical to fresh grass
  • The grass is either left in its loose form and compressed into 15kg bales of Graze-On or milled and pelleted into 6mm GRAZE-ON Grass Pellets
  • We don’t add anything to our grass during processing so you can be confident you’re getting 100% natural home grown grass

GRAZE-ON Gold Blend

  • High quality straw is chopped and conditioned and then mixed with our own homegrown dried grass
  • A blend of low sugar molasses extract and soya oil is finely misted over the grass and straw during mixing to ensure a uniform product is achieved
  • The final product is compressed into 12.5kg bales of GRAZE-ON Gold Blend


  • Wet wood pulp is delivered to our premises direct from the paper mills
  • The wet pulp is fed into our second rotary drum drier
  • Once dried the product is blown through a series of pipes and dust extracted TWICE
  • The final product is packed into 85 litre weatherproof bags of MEGAZORB