graze-on-pellets-bagGRAZE-ON Grass Pellets

Northern Crop Driers have been producing GRAZE-ON Grass Pellets for use in horse rations and general animal feeds for over 30 years.

Our 6mm diameter grass pellet is made from 100% natural, home grown grass that is flash dried then pelleted to lock in the important nutrients and preserve the fresh green colour and aroma.


50 x 20kg bags per pallet
5’ x 4’ pallet size


  • Protein: 14%
  • Oil: 3.5%
  • Fibre: 25%
  • Digestible Energy: 10-11 MJ/Kg
  • Approximate Dry Matter: 90%
  • Sugar 12%
  • Starch 1.5%

Download the full breakdown PDF

Ingredients: Milled Grass


Size Guide
Light work
Medium/Hard Work
Small 9-13 0.5 1.0
Medium 13-15 1.0 2.0
Large 15-16 1.5 2.5

This is only a guide to feeding and will vary with the size, type and habits of the horse or pony.

In order to prevent too rapid a consumption we recommend that grass pellets should be fed with at least an equal volume of a bulky feed. Alternatively they may be soaked before feeding to form a mash.


GRAZE-ON Grass Pellets are popular with owners of veteran horses as a forage substitute. Once soaked in water they break down into a mash that is ideal for horses with poor dentition.