"Love this stuff!

I feed it because I don’t like molassed chaff and needed something with a greater energy than a normal chaff.  My horse doesn’t like alfalfa and it’s too dear to feed in the volume I do anyway. So I use Graze-On - it’s great quality, reasonably priced and my horse loves it.  He looks good on it too - he’s always looked well on good grass, so it makes sense to feed him Graze-On when he’s lacking good grass in the field."

Horse & Hounds Online Forum

"It’s the only chaff I would use now after trying it last winter!  The horses love it and it’s so clean, both in looks and feel!"

Horse & Hounds Online Forum


Back to Health with Megazorb

Jemoon-EvitaJane Moore owns the Jemoon Stud at Market Weighton and breeds pure-bred and part-bred Cleveland Bays.  One day in August 2008 Jane received the devasting news that her valuable filly, Jemoon Evita, had been discovered in the field unable to move and that a broken back was suspected.

After initial talk of the filly being put down, the decision was taken to wait until the next morning before a decision was made, as Jemoon Evita still had flexion in her hind legs.

The next morning, amazingly the filly was standing and following the vet’s advice Jane moved her to a smaller stable with heat lamps and bedded the stable on Megazorb. The smaller stable meant movement would be restricted and the Megazorb would prevent the filly from slipping as it provides excellent traction. Also as Megazorb is compacted Jemoon Evita would not have to drag her limbs through the bedding.

After a couple of days she was moved to a large indoor barn and again was bedded entirely on Megazorb.

After lots of care and attention she is now sound and is enjoying light exercise. Jane still uses Megazorb bedding to prevent the filly from slipping again as she has a big frame and needs a bedding that provides traction, is easy to keep clean and dust free.

"At last a bedding that actually works!  This is THE most absorbent bedding I have ever used.  We have four horses at home and my mucking out time has been greatly reduced, the amount of bedding used has also reduced and there is no smell anymore which is great.  I can honestly say that this product has made my life so much easier and mucking out now is not the chore it was before.  Thank you Northern Crop Driers for such a quality product."

Debbie Otterburn

"I have been using Megazorb for the last 8 months and I am so impressed with it I have converted nearly half the yard over. It really does out perform all of the other beddings I've tried and I can't praise it highly enough!  Thank you for producing such a brilliant product!"

Jemma Lane

"I have been a show and stud groom for over 20 years.  I have used all types of bedding over the years but nothing is like Megazorb! I use it on it's own and mixed in with shavings.

My stallion Cassius, who is the top Native coloured stallion this year (HOYS 2009), is so easy on Megazorb."

J Bland, Paintball Gypsy Cobs

"I agree that it is the best bedding in the world - I’d never go back to anything else!  My mare is incredibly wet yet her bed never smells. On top of that mucking out has been reduced from 45 minutes to less than 10!"

Paula Thomas, Birmingham